Star Citizen Ship Comparison Tool

I have been unsure whether to pursue this project.

Some of its functions are requiring updates.

If you would like to support this idea, simply drop me a cheer message using the form below!

Thank you for your support so far!

Welcome Citizen! Finding the right ship for your needs can be difficult!
With this tool you will find the ship that best fits your ambition!

Please keep in mind that this website is still under development (v0.190) and that not all ships are present in the database! 
Because of this, some suggestions may not be fully accurate!
Beware: you are likely to find alien bugs.

I will require YOUR help!
Please send me your feedback so I’ll be able to fix and balance this tool!

Clear skies,

This is a non-commercial fan-made website and it is in no way affiliated or subsidized by RSI, the official Star Citizen website or store.