Red Dead Redemption 2 Launch Argument Composer

Red Dead Redemption 2 Launch Arguments Composer

What are Red Dead Redemption 2 Launch Arguments for?

Red Dead Redemption 2 Launch Arguments allow you to unlock features, fix issues and improve your Red Dead Redemption 2 experience on PC. I built this free tool based on the official guidelines to simplify composing Launch Argument commands on Red Dead Redemption 2 and Grand Theft Auto V.

Why should I use this tool?

The official guidelines are unclear, complex and incomplete. This tool aims to help players find the launch arguments they’re looking for – or even find new ones to improve gameplay.

PopcornGamer’s Unofficial Launch Argument Composer only makes it easier to find and understand possible launch argument codes that help players on PC solve their issues with the game.

This helps with graphics issues and improvements, performance optimization, CPU lag spikes, Benchmarking, CTD crashing, stuttering, FPS, launch issues, BSOD’s, Ultra-wide screen resolutions, Disconnects, etc.

This is not a cheat, hack, or mod.

It only makes it more convenient to find the codes you might be looking for, or even find new ones you were unaware of. It also prevents you from using codes inadequately. Some launch argument codes are mutually exclusive and this Launch Argument Composer prevents misusage.

If you find a way to somehow cheat using this tool, shame on you.


How to use the Launch Argument Composer for Red Dead Redemption 2

Simply click on the green separator buttons on the left and tick the boxes you wish to use, then copy the code that gets generated at the bottom textbox.

Open up your Rockstar Games Launcher. Now at the top right corner of the launcher click on “SETTINGS“. On the left select Red Dead Redemption 2, then scroll down until you find the Launch Arguments section and paste your custom Launch Arguments there.

Go back to “GAMES” and start Red Dead Redemption 2 with your custom launch arguments.

What if I have no idea what I’m doing and mess things up?

The Launch Argument Composer helps you by explaining clearly what each option does. It also prevents you from duping launch argument commands that may cause conflict. You’ll also find pre-made builds for barebones performance optimization, graphics improvements or benchmarking.

It is very unlikely that you’ll have any trouble using it.

If you have make a mistake, simply remove the launch argument codes you added and try again.

That said, I won’t be liable for any misusage or damages, but I’m available to help you out. Just leave a comment below if you run into any issues.

How to fix CPU performance, Disconnects or Ultra-wide screen resolutions?

Many people are experiencing disconnects (Error: 0x20010006). These are actually not connection issues, but rather CPU related communication delays to the servers. I recommend that you read my previous post on how to fix CPU issues in Red Dead Redemption 2.

If you’re having trouble with Nvidia surround triple-screen resolutions such as 5760×1080, 4K, or even 384×1080, please check my other post that tackles ultra-wide screen resolutions on Red Dead Redemption 2. You can then use this Launch Argument Composer to fix your issues.

To help fix the UI not adapting to the new ultra-wide resolution, you may also try adding this argument -noDPIAdjust – Thank you Jon and NorbzFR for the suggestion!

If you can’t launch Red Dead Redemption 2 because of the error ERR_GFX_STATE, I suggest using -ignorepipelinecache in your launch arguments as well. It seems to be related to Nvidia graphics cards. More info on this soon.